The Best Meat Mincer at the Best Price

  •  If you want to enjoy healthy homemade burgers, sausages, meatballs and kebabs then buy a meat mincer
  •  Stop worrying about low quality mince because you can choose what goes in
  •  Make delicious mince simply by adding herbs and spices as you grind
  •  Stylish talking point for any kitchen, the mark of an accomplished chef

Electric Meat Mincer

Whether you want to grind a kilo of meat or make homemade sausages an electric meat mincer will make light work of the task at hand. The grinders featured here are the most popular and highly rated mincers available. They are produced by respected brands and faithfully serve thousands of kitchens across the UK. They all come with manufacturers guarantees so if you're not totally satisfied you can get a refund.

Contemporary Meat Mincer

Stylish and funky meat mincers are a rarity, but this selection will add a touch of modernity to your kitchen. These grinders are sleek and easy to clean, saving you clearing up time. These popular grinders make a smart alternative if you are reluctant to invest in an electric grinder. They are designed using state of the art materials with the modern kitchen in mind. Easy to assemble and blessed with an effortless grinding action, these mincers are a useful addition to any home kitchen.

Cast Iron Meat Mincer

Our "top three selection" features a range of grinders from well know brands such as Moulinex, Cuisinart and Eddington. You may also want to consider a Kenwood meat mincer or their multi purpose "chef major". These are top specification machines that complement any kitchen. They cope with a range of tasks and make the life of any chef or home cook so much easier. Remember the old adage, "you're only as good as your tools".